Afternoon sunlight after a wrong turn on the way to Naksan Park.

Unrelated –

A note on Japan: not at all buying the “radiation is harmless, just think of it as invigorating!” party line, or the idea that it is irrational and histrionic to raise questions of why, for instance, the industry’s own safety levels are set at a minute fraction of what is currently being “safely” pumped into the environment. Ties into thoughts about this piece by Joseph Stiglitz, in conjunction with this. Tangentially, it is a few weeks old but this article by Fareed Zakaria is well worth a read, and also furthers the case for not following in the current footsteps of American-style capitalism.

Confession: I more or less tuned out Nepali politics altogether somewhere around the eighth or twelfth or fifteenth failed attempt at selecting a prime minister last year. If you’re the same, can’t recommend highly enough downloading ICG’s latest report for a insightful and mercifully reader-friendly summary and analysis of the current players and issues.

Also: Kathmandu desperately needs an Ek Sonn Chan.

Finally: dedication, thy camouflaged form is Liu Bolin.

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  1. Happy New Year 2068 !!! May it be relatively earthquake free.

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