Hachinohe’s local economy relies heavily on the fishing industry, which has borne the brunt of the disaster. Fortunately, loss of life in the prefecture has been minimal with only three confirmed casualties, unlike the horrific tolls further south.

While Japan isn’t a poor country and has a lot of emergency precautions and plans in place, the sheer scale of what has happened means local teams need all possible outside assistance. If you have the means to do so, please consider making a donation to one of the many organisations involved in relief efforts. Among them are the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, The International Medical Corps, and Save the Children. These organisations need the resources to mobilise people and emergency supplies to come and help, so any assistance is needed and welcome. If within Japan please also consider making a blood donation.

For foreigners living in Japan, a friend sent me this link – it might be useful if you’re trying to understand coverage, especially if your Japanese is rudimentary like mine.

One Response to “Livelihoods”

  1. This is incredible Jemima! So amazing to see these images and imagine that this is what you’re seeing. Even though you’re prob right and you’re totally fine where you are I am very relieved to hear you’re heading elsewhere for a little bit, to let your nerves settle down if nothing else. I am also so very impressed that you’ve managed to take such beautiful photographs amid everything going on. Keep up the good work! x

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