Fresher than yo’ mama

This Sunday I didn’t manage to make it to the vegetable market. Fortunately, I have these pictures from a few weeks ago to remind me what proper nutrition looks like:

I like getting there early, when all the produce is beautifully laid out and it hasn’t already been pawed over by a thousand other people.

Some blog pimpin’: I did a post on Amalekh about issues around posting pictures and subject consent – would love to hear thoughts or comments from other photo bloggers/photographers (or anyone, really).

Also a good time to mention my friend Umes’ amazing work – he posts on Amalekh (see here here and here) and also in a bunch of other places, including his own wordpress. In my mind he’ll always be linked with Nepali rockers and metalheads through ktmrocks, but increasingly I’m blown away by his photographs – many of which make me want to shout, ‘There! That’s what home looks like!’ He also has an entire Facebook album dedicated to momos. Despite being vegetarian, it never fails to make my mouth water and causes me to hate on him juuuuust a little.

2 Responses to “Fresher than yo’ mama”

  1. πŸ™‚ ma danga parey maiya !

    I saw Eggs above.

    That reminded me one of my favourite George Carline lines: “How come it’s abortion when it’s us (humans) and it’s an omelet when it’s chicken.”

    I love eggs.

  2. lol la, tyeso bhae timro bihe ma ma ek van anda bharera lyaidinchu πŸ˜›

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