Your cruggly* morals aren’t welcome here, Hans

On one of my first nights cruising around with the D90 (which I’ve been neglecting a bit – mostly because it’s winter here now, and that makes me lazy and vaguely stabby), I took this.

I think it planted a seed of longing for some luminous red shoes of my own, which is why when I came across a perfectly fitting pair in a vintage store resistance was futile.

My friend Phil dubbed them the “Ferraris of shoes”. Damn straight. Hans Christian Anderson can take his depressing, puritanical view of flame-coloured footwear and suck it.

* Cruggs (noun) The unholy offspring of crocs and ugg boots.
Did you see Sarah Nicole prancing about as though wearing cruggs in public does not carry the immediate sentence of being shot in the face?

Cruggs/Cruggly (adj.) The aesthetic quality of someone who would wear cruggs and other deliberately selected criminally ugly clothing.
Oh man, that multicoloured shirt-over-shirt with leggings AND clown socks combo is just cruuuuugggs. Time for an intervention.

One Response to “Your cruggly* morals aren’t welcome here, Hans”

  1. Stabby – agreed.

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