Tying sweaters around waists since 1992

Going for an autumn afternoon walk with Quinn and Ryan, former flatmate and teller of the world’s best ‘I grew up in the Wairarapa’ stories, is a study in conversational and visual contrasts. They both front/ed metal bands and are prone to breaking out in growling vocal exercises, discussing bands with names that reference demons, physical brutality or unnecessarily complex sex acts, and introducing me to things like G.G. Allin (YouTube search at your own peril; you’ve been warned). However, this is liberally interspersed with talk of organic farming, tai chi, and the joy of owning a juicer. There’s something fantastic about hippie hearts that pump to a pure bogan beat.


I’m counting on them to one day build an earthship powered entirely by solar energy, facial hair, and the sweat of a thousand headbangers. I believe the process will involve many stare-downs such as this:

One Response to “Tying sweaters around waists since 1992”

  1. Bahahahaha! Was just flicking back through your posts and noticed they both were rocking the sweatshirt-waist-tie…. Bloody bogans ha ha :p

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