Through to dawn

Ended up partying late over the weekend with some mules in the Manky Chops space, which lends itself well to fun. I haven’t really mastered the art of low light/night shots, but still managed to get a few I liked.

It was ridiculous o’clock when we left, so – seeing as I had on my random mission shoes…

(they’ve featured here before, but I’m always so stoked to wear them)

… decided to take a walk through town and check out the dawn parade.

I’d been once before for an assignment on modern ritual and both times the whole ANZAC day thing left me feeling conflicted – I understand and respect people honouring veterans, but at the same time personally don’t support armed forces and military ‘solutions’, something which the occasion seems inextricably bound to. Guess I’m in the “shameful” people more likely to purchase a white poppy than a red one, purely on ideological grounds.

I liked these mannequins I saw on my way through town, and this bicycle breaking up the grey autumn morning:

2 Responses to “Through to dawn”

  1. Beautiful shots in that gallery. I’m gunna have to check it out now. Loving your work as always on this site J! Love Kim x

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