It’s been nice having a break, especially since the few weeks before it were hectic, involving long nights hard at work…

Rousing postcolonial theory and packaged fried rice. I detest microwavable meals, but the university kitchenettes aren’t exactly conducive to concocting gourmet food.

I FINALLY found a camera bag that doesn’t involve frumpy nylon and horrendous plastic clips. Love it.

Besides the grind, there’s been hanging out with friends’ cats… meet Fearnley:

and Lady:

A fun little medical interlude…

A night with bogans and faux bogans

And my favourite pastime: chasing epic evening skies.

5 Responses to “Lately”

  1. Christ! Never show me a picture of Murphy central heating again.

  2. haha it is a bit sick-making. btw, should have told you i was gonna make fearnley famemoose on the internez. hope that’s ok…

  3. Awww Fernley so so cute! Love all the pretty photos! Ewwww i hate microwave rice it goes kinda oily yet crispy. Shudder.

  4. yup it’s pretty foul. not to mention a potent symbol of the deep cultural malaise of the capitalist world etc etc.

  5. She was born to be a star. Looking forward to seeing yas tomorrow. x

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