Fibre, sparkle, smug

Reasons to get out of bed early-ish on a Sunday* morning and mission to the farmers’ market, hangover notwithstanding:

1. This view of the lining in these awesome bundle boots, making each step less painful.

2. Trusty sunglasses – shielding my poor retinas from the sun, and shielding the rest of the world from my puffy, eyeliner-smudged peepers.

3. Six ears of corn for two bucks.

4. An opportunity to give this sparkly swan pin its first real outing.

5. Leafy green vegetables.

6. The fact that no matter how broke I am, there’s always wriggle room in the budget for some Peruvian Lilies.

7. Getting to feel fiscally and nutritionally superior to all the other hungover, cash-strapped people who lack the commitment to suck it up for cheap veggies.

* A couple of weekends ago. Procrastination makes posting old-ish photos fun!

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