Come over, we’ll do drinks and a show

“Hmm,” said my friend. “That’s a lot of smoke.”

“Nah,” I replied, surveying Aro Café with a proprietorial eye that comes from knowing your neighbourhood and having consumed a fair amount of brandy on a sunny Sunday afternoon*. “They just roast coffee beans all the time. It makes the whole street smell funky.”

Guess we know who’s not fire wise.

Turns out it was fairly minor, put out in minutes. But the cavalry still arrived…

Sometimes New Zealand astounds me. I’m not even sure if Kathmandu has working fire engines – even if there’s petrol to get them moving, there’s no guarantee there will be water. Or fire fighters. Does anyone even know any Nepali firefighters? Good thing our houses are all brick and relatively fire retardant… if not safe in any other way. But here:

Count ’em!

Also fantastic: The firefighter who decided things were under control and it was time to casually strip down and then chat up some chick.


*These are a couple of weeks old. I’ve been buried under a pile of unwritten words.

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