Come, friend, let us patronize the arts

Quinn, a former neighbour who recently followed his love for gardening and space to frolic about in to greener, more suburban pastures, stopped by for a visit. We decided to walk the sixty seconds down the street to the park and enjoy some sweet, sweet sunshine.

I love this photo of him. Despite (or because of?) the fact it could be titled, say, Life In Aro: The Happiest Pervert in the Park. In the background to the right, between the two trees, you can just see the old abandoned gas station that provides our world with a canvas for some much needed colour… some of which I captured, but some of which I think are a tad off in these shots because it was one of my earlier experiments with the camera messing about with all the manual settings.

8 Responses to “Come, friend, let us patronize the arts”

  1. Lady!!! You is doing it!!! Proud! Photos look so good!
    Wow! Quinn looks so gorgeous in that photo!…(well he is always gorgeous!)
    Can I get a copy?h x

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE steph, my first (and only haha) comment! you just made my day.

    yup i like how this photo is very… quinn. you know what i mean. i think if you click on the photo and save it off here it should be a pretty decent resolution. although i’m a bit of a fumble at wordpress still, so if it’s not let me know and i’ll email it to you. 🙂

  3. Im sure that he is saying something disgusting! But that smile is still so cute! Would love to collabirate somehow…sometime.

  4. Oh cool I’ll try that! tried to leave another comment… that he probably/obviosly is trying to be being disgusting… but that humour (kind of) works for him. ha ha.
    But also… would love to collaborate in some way… if you want drawings etc.. after next thurs am quite free from work and inspired!
    steph x

  5. the comment thing is apparently set on something where i have to approve comments first… man, there’s so many fiddly little settings and stuff to this blogging business!

    but yeah, you’re the most lovely, supportive first commenter ever, and it would be awesome to team up for something at some point – technically i’m meant to be one-track at uni for the next few weeks, but procrastination makes un-academic pursuits like taking photos and hanging out with cool people who do awesome poster designs** all the more fun and fruitful ;).

    ** BRIEF PLUG TO ANY EAVESDROPPERS: steph is one of them artsy people, and she did the sweet posters for Skungpoomery, on at BATS Theatre from 18-27 march in wellington. Can’t seem to find the posters on the internets, but they’re in the style of the little sketch here:

  6. Shivvers yes! Stop internetting and go take some more amazing pictures!

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  8. […] lure of the first clear day in weeks and a picnic in the botanical gardens to celebrate Quinn aging proved irresistible, and my plans for a disciplined and intensely productive weekend danced […]

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