Brooklyn, we go hard

Brooklyn, we go hard/

We on the look for the advantage, we go work hard/

And if we seem to rough it up a bit/

We broke but we rich at heart.

Shove It by Santigold, nee Santogold

Brooklyn is a charming (read: old, affluent and largely white) suburb in Wellington; from there, you get spectacular views of the city. It literally looks down on the neighbourhood I live in. The proof is in the googling; while my area is described on Wikipedia as “a small inner-city suburb”, Brooklyn is described as “a friendly and vibrant village” which has retained its “identity as older suburb with timber villas and varied architecture.” That their Wikipedia page has no less than six distinct sections, one of which further divides right down to subheading 1.5.2, speaks volumes. Although perhaps not as many volumes as the fact that the page for our suburb is really just a few sentences, one of which notes its “reputation for political radicalism and for shady extra-legal dealings.”

Although at least our page isn’t red penned all over with tags like “peacock term“, with a big banner that says “this article is written like a travel guide” at the top.

Also, they’re a bit fanatical about their windmill.

But clean energy is cool, so we’ll let that slide.

Of course, when we rocked up there, blissed out from a Sunday afternoon in the sun, Mareikura and I fit in pretty well…

… considering their bus stop is palatial and even their ‘graffiti’ is a full on mural.

Although, you know, it’s good he was there because someone has to read the Maori version of the slogan on their quaint fire station. And one of those ‘ethics’ in the background could be an impoverished Sherpa student. Or maybe one of the people partially obscured by the trike riding tyke headed toward its freakish trumpet prodigy of a blonde sibling is actually this lady, whose bok choy was looking at bit worse for wear in the heat of her lone sidewalk stall:

Who knows. Their wikipedia page doesn’t elaborate.

Anyhoo, it was a fantastic afternoon, spent browsing…

… and then watching Mao’s Last Dancer, which I adored.

3 Responses to “Brooklyn, we go hard”

  1. shadows jim shadows !!!

  2. guruji! lessons please!

    • hahaha

      Lesson: how to avoid distracting shadows on the photos
      Try different angles and perspectives.

      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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